1 noun (C)
1 PLACE a particular place or area, especially a pleasant place where you spend time: an ideal spot for a picnic | We walked along the beach looking for a spot to sit. | camping/swimming/holiday spot (=a place that is suitable for a particular activity): We found several good camping spots by the river. | the exact/very/same spot (=the exact place where something happens) | a sunny/shady spot: These plants grow best in a sunny spot.
—see position 1
2 AREA a usually round area on a surface, that is a different colour or is rougher, smoother etc than the rest: Dalmatian dogs have white coats with black or brown spots.
(+ of): Her pink suit made a bright spot of colour against the white steps.
3 MARK a small mark on something, especially one that is made by a liquid: There are a lot of grease spots on the shirt. | spots of paint on the carpet
4 on the spot if you do something on the spot, you do it immediately, often without thinking about it very carefully: He bought the car on the spot. | The police could give you an on the spot fine.
5 be on the spot to be in the place where something is happening: As the man on the spot, Coen was in a position to take vital decisions.
a) a small round red area on someone's skin that shows that they are ill: I was covered in spots when I had measles.
b) BrE a small raised red mark on someone's skin, especially on their face; pimple: This cream clears up teenage spots in days.
7 POSITION a position in a competition, event, television programme etc: The Bulldogs earned a spot in the semi-finals. | A bluegrass band has the second spot on the program. | guest spot (=part of a television or radio programme showing someone who does not usually appear on the programme): a guest spot on the Johnny Carson show
8 run/dance/hop etc on the spot to run etc in one place, without moving forwards or around the area
9 weak spot
a) a point at which someone or something is not very good: He'd look at my work and immediately find every weak spot.
b) AmE if someone has a weak spot for something, they like it very much
10 put sb on the spot to deliberately ask someone a question that is difficult or embarrassing to answer: Reporters put the governor on the spot with questions about his involvement in the bribery scandal.
11 in a spot informal in a difficult situation: put sb in a spot: You've put us in one hell of a spot by telling them that, you know.
12 bright spot something that is good in a bad situation: the one/only bright spot: Being able to visit my folks was the one bright spot of the vacation.
13 a spot of BrE informal a small amount of something: I could do with a spot of whisky. | a spot of bother (=a small amount of trouble)
14 ON CLOTH spots BrE small round areas that form a pattern on a piece of cloth; polka dots: a dark blue dress with white spots
15 spots of rain BrE a few drops of rain
16 LIGHT a spotlight 1 (1)
17 five-spot/ten-spot etc AmE spoken a piece of paper money worth five dollars, ten dollars etc
18 ADVERTISEMENT a short radio or television advertisement, especially one for a politician: a 30-second spot on the local radio station
—see also: beauty spot, black spot, blind spot, not change your spots change 1 (1), g­spot, high point/spot high 1 (13), hit the spot hit 1 (27), hot spot hot 1 (30), knock spots off knock 1 (13), be rooted to the spot root 2 (4), have a soft spot for soft (10), trouble spot 2 verb (T)
1 NOTICE to notice something, especially something that is difficult to see, or that you are looking for: Luckily, the enemy planes were spotted early. | I spotted a break in the fence and headed towards it. | spot sb doing sth: Meg spotted someone coming out of the building. | difficult/easy to spot: Dick's very tall, so he's easy to spot in a crowd.
2 RECOGNIZE to recognize the good or bad qualities in someone or something: You must learn to spot trouble ahead and prevent it. | spot sb's potential: Island Records were the first to spot his potential.
3 be spotted to have small round marks on the surface
(+ with): The floor was spotted with paint.
4 GAME AmE to give the other player in a game an advantage: spot sb sth: He spotted me six points and he still won.
3 adjective technical for buying or paying immediately, not at some future time: spot cash/price: They won't take credit; they want spot cash. | What's the spot price for oil?

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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